About Us

Our practice philosophy centers around the use of the latest technology combined with a compassionate approach that addresses the whole patient. We also want to involve family and friends in this process to ensure that our patients have optimal support during the entire phase of their treatment.

Although Dubai Oncology Centers was originally developed to primarily treat cancers of the prostate, the acquisition of Tomotherapy treatment devices at both the Scottsdale and Glendale facilities permits delivery of state-of-the-art radiation oncology treatment to practically any site in the body. Daily CT image guidance assures that treatments will be given exactly as planned, every day. We believe that these advantages will result in fewer side effects during and after treatment, while improving cancer control rates.



During your initial consultation you will be evaluated by a nurse and a Radiation Oncologist, who will take your history, perform a physical examination, and review your laboratory, X-ray, and pathologic studies. Sometimes the Radiation Oncologist will order additional studies to more completely stage, or determine the extent of your tumor. Sometimes you may be referred to another cancer specialist for an opinion about chemotherapy (Medical Oncologist) or surgery. If radiation therapy is agreed upon to be the recommended treatment for your cancer, the Radiation Oncologist will discuss the specific recommendation for your particular type of cancer and location. After reviewing the risks, benefits, logistics, alternatives, and objectives of treatment, you will be asked to sign an informed consent document and a treatment planning or simulation procedure will be scheduled.



Appointments may be scheduled Monday-Friday from 8:00 – 5:00 and our physicians are available for emergencies after hours via an answering service, pager and telephone.

We have hospital affiliations with Scottsdale Healthcare all its facilities including North Valley Surgery Centre  and in the the Sun Cities we utilize Banner Boswell and Banner  Del Webb Hospital