Gastrointestinal Cancer Treatment

Gastrointestinal Cancer Treatment

Gastrointestinal Cancer Treatment Hospital

Cancer occurring in the gastrointestinal tract or the abdomen such as biliary, gall bladder or the stomach can be very serious and people suffering from this type of cancer need to take appropriate medical treatment after consulting their doctor. Certain kinds of exposures and physical conditions can increase the risk of contracting gastrointestinal cancer.

Gastrointestinal Cancer

Cancers arising in the upper abdomen or gastrointestinal tract are very serious since they may be fairly advanced at the time of detection, making curative surgery difficult or impossible. Larger tumors or cancers in the biliary region frequently require 5 or 6 weeks of radiation (with or without chemotherapy depending upon other factors), usually given after an attempt at surgery. The presence of radiation sensitive organs such as the liver, kidneys, spinal cord, and small intestines in this region can make it difficult to deliver an optimal radiation therapy program. Tomotherapy can allow treatment of most areas at risk for tumor recurrence to a high dose, while keeping the exposure of sensitive organs within their tolerance limits.

Most of these cancers also have a tendency to spread to the liver and occasionally to the lung. Since both the liver and lung are very sensitive to radiation, in the past it has been difficult to treat liver or lung metastases with radiation without damaging these organs. Tomotherapy now allows us to accurately target liver or lung tumors to receive fairly high doses of radiation, while safely sparing the rest of the organ.

Diagnosis of Gastrointestinal Cancer

At Grado Clinics, we take every step to diagnose gastrointestinal cancer at the earliest so that our patients could recover quickly. People suffering from gastrointestinal cancer are generally diagnosed with the disease at an advanced stage, which worsens the disease. Our doctors, with the help of our state-of-the-art medical facilities and equipment are able to detect the symptoms in men, women and even kids at an early stage in order to provide the best gastrointestinal treatment.

People consuming a high-fat diet are more susceptible to gastrointestinal cancer. A diet, which is high in smoked or salted foods can increase the danger of abdomen cancer, therefore our doctors and nutritionists help the patients in planning a healthy diet chart so that they eat and drink well. Our trained nutritionists and physicians focus on changing the eating and drinking habits of the patients and constantly motivate them to lead a healthy life at our gastrointestinal cancer treatment hospitals.

At Grado Clinics, surgeons concentrate on the best practices of gastrointestinal surgery so that their patients could recuperate quickly without much pain and suffering. Radiation therapy might affect internal organs such as kidneys, liver or the small intestines and this can make it tough to deliver an ideal radiation therapy, therefore with the help of our latest tomotherapry sessions we are able to provide optimum treatments of most organs.

Tomotherapy for Gastrointestinal Cancer

Our medical equipment and medicines are appropriately tested by the governing authorities so, you do not need to worry about any side effects that might occur from radiation or drugs. We strive hard to provide the best gastrointestinal cancer medicines and keep the radiation exposure to a negligible limit.

Our endeavor is to stop the cancer from spreading to other parts of the body. Therefore we try our best to stop this malignant cancer from dispersing to other organs of the body by providing quality supplements and radiation therapies. Ourdetailed tomotherapy sessions allow the doctors to accurately target the cancer with exposing the other organs.

At Grado Clinics, doctors normally get to the root of the problem by assessing the early symptoms of gastrointestinal cancer such as appetite loss, nausea, abdominal pain or unexpected weight loss. The comprehensive approach and commitment to analyze the symptoms and plan appropriate treatments has strengthened the faith and loyalty in our patients. It is our patients’ faith in our work principles, which has elevated our status among the top gastrointestinal cancer treatment centers.

Grado Clinics has a proven track record and patients from across the world have benefitted from our top quality supplements, drugs and therapies, and we thrive in providing the finest gastrointestinal cancer treatment to the patient according to his existing physical state of well-being.

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