Prostate Cancer Treatment Hospital In Dubai

Prostate Cancer Treatment Hospital In Dubai

Prostate cancer is actually one of the most prevalent types of cancer found in men across the world. Prostate cancer can become lethal if diagnosed in the later stages, so you need to get medically tested when the smallest symptoms begin to show.

Prostate cancer occurs when some cells in the prostate gland grow abnormally. Cancer is a rapid growth of these abnormal cells that may invade and destroy nearby tissues and organs or spread to other parts of the body. Prostate cancer is most commonly found in the posterior or back portion of the prostate gland which is closest to the rectum, but may also arise in other locations or sites in the prostate gland. If prostate cancer can be detected early while it is confined to the prostate gland, proper treatment may result in a complete cure. Early stage prostate cancers can be treated with brachytherapy alone. More advanced prostate cancers may require a type of external beam radiation called IMRT. IMRTstands for intensity modulated radiation therapy, and is used to deliver a very precise field so that adjacent structures are not radiated along with the prostate tissue.

Best Prostate Cancer Treatment

At Grado Clinics, every member has extensive experience and effective training in detecting prostate cancer at its earliest stage. We strive to diagnose the symptoms at the earliest so that we can offer the best prostate cancer treatment to our patients. Dr. Grado and his experienced team dedicate themselves in providing the best prostate cancer treatment with personal attention and care. We empathize with our patients when we treat them to help them get well soon with our experienced medical help      and emotional encouragement.

Diagnosis at Early Stage

Our state-of-the-art medical facility has the latest medical equipment and techniques that are employed with empathetic approach so that we are able to address the problems of our patients appropriately. Apart from providing the finest prostate treatment, we also make it a point to involve the family members and friends of our patients so that they recover quickly with the family’s support and backing. The family members and close friends are invited at every step of the treatment, thus providing much-needed psychological support to our patients.

It is not rare for prostate cancer to multiply and spread to other parts of the body, particularly spinal cord and bones if not diagnosed early. At Grado Clinics, we endeavor to diagnose the ailment at its preliminary stage in order to reduce the pain and suffering of our patients. With our quality supplements and modern treatment devices, we try to provide top quality treatment to the people suffering from different forms of cancer.

Tomotherapy for Prostate Cancer Treatment

Prostate cancer also is considered a silent killer because it normally does not show correct symptoms in early stages, and the symptoms might seem to be similar to common prostate infections. Therefore, we take extra care in diagnosing every small symptom that could be dangerous for our patients in the future. Our detailed diagnosis with the help of regular CT images and Tomotherapy treatment equipment help us in assessing proper treatments for the people suffering from prostate cancer. We firmly believe that our latest equipment, high quality supplements and compassionate approach have assisted us in successfully controlling prostate cancer rates.

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Our commitment and focus to provide detailed medical treatments and quality supplements has encouraged our customers to recognize Grado Clinics among the leading prostate

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